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The financial industry is today facing multiple disruptive trends - globalization and BigData. Several financial organizations have a need to make better use of real time data feeds to generate signals that can help in potentially improving the speed and quality of decision making.

Overview of InfiniProc

InfiniProc is a distributed computing platform that allows certain operations described using IDL interfaces and defined in C++ to be executed in parallel over multiple server nodes. InfiniProc includes license to a high performance distributed computing middleware platform that supports IDL and IIOP as defined by the Object Management Group.

For end users InfiniProc offers a distributed run time and configuration scripts to execute a DataFactory over several server nodes using a simple configuration process.

For developers, InfiniProc offers the full power of C++ to create a powerful distributed object grid that can solve complex problems quickly using the computing power of n servers. In studies done using different server platforms, InfiniProc was found to scale linearly with number of server nodes on complex distributed computing tasks. We offer your development teams necessary training in the configuration and building of an InfiniProc DataFactory.

InfiniProc DataFactory is an architectural pattern that brings Sankhya's years of expertise in distributed computing to make the overall process of creating a BigData solution faster and easy to maintain. A faster solution that is easier to maintain naturally can lead to better RoI on your BigData investment.

Overview of NextTrade DataFactory

The system allows for easy configuration of symbols of interest, depth of statistical analysis and life time of the trading agent. All input and output data is captured and accessible over a web browser. Sankhya offers consulting services to customize the NextTrade DataFactory for your specific needs.